Populate cells based on the different select of a multiselect column



I'm not sure how to handle this one and your help will be much appreciated.

I have one MultiSelect column with a number of Main Countries (coming via a link from another sheet).

For each country present in the Multiselect, I'd like to populate one cell with the country name.

I just have no idea how to do this.

Can anyone help me.

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  • Ben Goldblatt

    Hi @Louis Raoul t'Serstevens,

    Depending on how many countries you're working with, if the goal is to populate a country name in a cell based off of a country selection in your dropdown list, you may be able to accomplish this with an IF formula that also uses the CONTAINS function. For example, if the multi-select cell on row 2 in your sheet contains "France", "Germany", "Poland", "Portugal", and "Spain" and you're looking to populate those country values individually in other cells, you could do this using:

    • =IF(CONTAINS("Germany", [Main Countries]$2), "Germany")
    • =IF(CONTAINS("France", [Main Countries]$2), "France")
    • =IF(CONTAINS("Poland", [Main Countries]$2), "Poland")
    • =IF(CONTAINS("Spain", [Main Countries]$2), "Spain")
    • =IF(CONTAINS("Portugal", [Main Countries]$2), "Portugal")

    If you're working with a lot of countries, it may be best to list out each country vertically in a separate column on the sheet so you can use specific cell references rather than manually typing out each country name, but this may help with what you're looking to accomplish. If you have access to our Pro Desk services, this would make for a great session topic and one of our experts would be happy to work with you on this type of formula.

    I hope this helps!



  • Louis Raoul
    Louis Raoul ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you Ben. I will attend one Pro-Desk as you kindly offered to do.

    The problem is indeed that there are many countries...

    If we were limited to a few countries, I could make an embedded serie of If statements.

    but with 150 countries or so it will look difficult to get that into 4000c.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Louis Raoul
    Louis Raoul ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Hi Ben,

    Thank you again for your help.

    In the meantime with help of Smartsheet, I got an answer to the problem that can help other Smartsheet users.

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