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Accessing HomeRessource of specific Users via JavaSDK

Chris Be
Chris Be
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi there!


I'm developing a statistic tool for monitoring file creations with smartsheet in my company.


First of all, thanks for the brilliant Java SDK, that makes live so much easier when trying to integrate Smartsheet in other applications!


Currently I'm at the point where i have to access every user's home directory, to receive data about their sheets and workspaces.


I know, that you can get a list of all users via the UserResources, which returns me an ArrayList of users available in our smartsheet plan.



I'm using this list to iterate over each user and accessing sheets, workspaces, etc.. Anyway, that was my plan.  Unfortunately i can't find out how to receive the Home Directory of each user.


The API tells me that i can access my own Home Directory with the HomeResource Instance using homeResource().getHome(EnumSet.of(SourceInclusion.SOURCE)), but i can't find out how to receive the HomeResources of other users.


Does anyone have an idea how to continue from here?

I'm looking forward for your answers.





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