=IF(OR, how many (OR's?

jb@59069 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I currently have an =IF(OR formula that works well. Now I need to expand the entries it looks for in the given cell to include two more criteria. As it works:

=IF(OR($[Employee/Contractor]@row = "John Doe", $[Employee/Contractor]@row = "Jane Doe"), $[Time - Rounded]@row, $[Time Worked = Bill Rate]@row)

How I now need to expand it:

=IF(OR($[Employee/Contractor]@row = "John Doe", $[Employee/Contractor]@row = "Jane Doe", $[Employee/Contractor]@row = "Piglet", $[Employee/Contractor@row = "Pooh"), $[Time - Rounded]@row, $[Time Worked = Bill Rate]@row)

Should it now begin and end: =IF(OR(OR(OR($[Employee/Contractor]@row = blah, blah, blah $[Time Worked = Bill Rate]@row)))

Or is adding more (OR statement not possible? I keep getting UNPARSEABLE and INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET errors

Thank you. Jerry


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