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Good afternoon,

My team and I are creating dashboards for each of our clients. The format we have has been close to perfected, but when presented to our CEO he mentioned the need for a chat/comments function within a dashboard (that is not just linking another sheet to the dashboared). To my surprise there is not any type of comment section. I have tried to embed various online chat options, but nothing has worked on my end. At the very least I will create a product enhancement request for this feature to be added.

If anyone has been able to find a solution to this please let me know below. This is a key function that will be a gamechanger for the way we use dashboards and interact with our customers.

Thank you so much for your time!


  • Hello @Billy Rock !

    I was trying some testing with Embedded code and Free Online Chat Room services with the Web Content Widget, but I too was unable to create a Chat Room. I love the idea of this feature, and thanks for raising an Enhancement Request!

    Although you have mentioned you would like this not to just be a Sheet, this was the only solution I could create. If you are interested, here is my example below.

    With this, I just created a Sheet, hid all the Columns, made the Primary Column as small as possible, and opened the Conversations tab. From here, I added this as a Web Content Widget, and then resized it to hide the Right hand side ToolBar, and to only show the conversations box.

    Let me know if you have any questions!



  • Billy Rock
    Billy Rock ✭✭✭✭

    Oh! That is a great idea. What I ended up doing was creating a smartsheet with 3 columns. Created Date, Chat/Request, Team Response. I am having the client submit their chat with a form, linked the sheet with a report, and am using that report as the chat log. I will give your idea a shot, because that will be a lot less work when we want to roll out to new clients.

    @Sean Morgan - this is separate, but still a related to dashboards. I love that the phone app formats dashboards to fit, but it assumes a little to much for my taste. Do you know of a way to organize the phone app display besides moving around the dashboard items on a desktop and hoping it moves everything into the order we want?

    Thank you so much for your suggestions!

  • Hey @Billy Rock !

    For manoeuvring the current layout of the Dashboard view on Mobile, they only two methods would be to view the Dashboard with your phone horizontally, rather than vertically.

    Please feel free to raise an Enhancement Request here for more dynamic viewing features within Dashboards :D

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  • Frazier
    Frazier ✭✭

    It would be much nicer if there were a dashboard widget for Conversations to not only show those conversations, but allow for live "chat" functionality within the dashboard. Or perhaps a widget to integrate a Google Chat Room onto the dashboard (since there is already certain Google Chat functionality between Google and Smartsheet) to allow live chat functionality or something better than just a "shortcut" link.

  • is it available now? it will be great to have chat in dashboard