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Improved Send Row functionality?

Hans Eisenman
Hans Eisenman ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

One of the very few things that disappoints me in SS is the Send Row form and function.


When I send a row to multiple people, it kind of pretends to send everyone the same email, but in actual fact, each person gets their own email.


So I think I'm sending:


Email 1 ---> Joe, Sue, Mary


But what I'm actually sending is:


Email 1a ---> Joe

Email 1b----> Sue

Email 1c----> Mary


The issue with this for me is that neither Joe, Sue nor Mary realize that I have sent the others the same email unless I say in the body something like "Dear Joe, Sue and Mary,". Even then, people make addressing mistakes all the time so it would be reasonable to assume an addressing mistake has been made, send a reply asking same, etc. 


Also, Reply All is not possible without causing the replier more work (also opening the door to mistakes).


If we could have a To: and Cc: form at least that conforms with the way we've all been doing our regular email addressing, it would be greatly preferred.


Perhaps there is some reason this is working the way it does, but I thought I'd make the request just the same. Laughing




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