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Smartsheet API Webhook basics

Steve Favis
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

I want to update a note in Nutshell CRM when a smartsheet comment is updated.

I'm just focusing on the smarsheet webhook at this point, and I have read the webhooks section on the smartsheet API documentation and I still have no idea how to send the request. Where does this stuff go?


curl https://api.smartsheet.com/2.0/webhooks <span class="se" style="color: #cc6633;">\</span>
-H <span class="s2" style="color: #a6e22e;">"Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"</span> <span class="se" style="color: #cc6633;">\</span>
-H <span class="s2" style="color: #a6e22e;">"Content-Type: application/json"</span> <span class="se" style="color: #cc6633;">\</span>
-X POST <span class="se" style="color: #cc6633;">\</span>
-d <span class="s1" style="color: #a6e22e;">'{ "name": "Webhook #4", "callbackUrl": "http://www.myApp.com/webhooks", "scope": "sheet", "scopeObjectId": 2258256056870788, "version": 1, "events": [ "*.*" ]}'</span>



Is there some sort of scripting panel on Smarsheet? 

On my own webserver app, how am I going to know when to update Nutshell (or to send an update request FROM smartsheet?

There just seems to be a lot of skipped assupmtions in the smartsheet API documentation. I've seen the github projects which do not seem to be much help as the there doesn't seem to be a comment method example.





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