Is there any way to AutoNumber where the children are incremented from the Parent


I have Parent tasks that have the Auto-numbering for a unique Request ID. I have children under the Parent that are related to the Parent request. Is there a way to have the Child increment by 1 if a checkbox is checked?

Request ID is Auto-numbered "20010000". "20" for the year and then 4 digits for the Parent ID to increment and 2 digits that only increment for the children. If a child is added under a Parent can it auto-number only the last 2 digits from the Parent?

Parent 1: 20010000

Child 1: 20010001

Child 2: 20010002

Child 3: 20010003

Parent 2: 20010100

Child 1: 20010101

Child 2: 20010102

Child 3: 20010103

Parent 3: 20010200

Child 1: 20010201

Child 2: 20010202

Child 3: 20010203

I created a Child? checkbox to check and I can join or add the Request ID with the Child number but not sure how to get it to work where it is fully automated and using Column Formulas.

The below image is what I want the numbering to be but I can only get it to work with having formulas on the initial row which then I need to drag down the formulas in the helper columns and could cause user error.

Any ideas or changes to make it very user friendly where they only need to check a checkbox would be awesome! Also, sometimes a child may need to be inserted to an existing parent and we would still want to numbering to work.

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