Way to create a random sample sheet?


I am looking for a way to pull ten rows of data (randomly) into a separate sheet for auditing purposes. I understand there is no RAND function, like in Excel, and I'm struggling with a creative way to gather this random sample from our main data set.


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    If you want to generate random numbers subtract a created (time/date column) from modified (time/date Column), and take the 5 right values from that.

    =value(right(modified@row - created@row,5))

    Add new rows by submitting information via form, and you have "Random" numbers that would be fairly difficult to manipulate. If you want to simplify the number of responses just use floor and or ceiling to round the responses to the desired number. you just need to simplify the 5 digit number to represent the population of data inside your sheet, and then you can use it as the row number and reference in order to return your random sample.

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