Milestone not showing as a Diamond in Gantt



I am creating a report (Gantt) that shows what phases we are in (or will be in) across all projects at any given time.

I have enabled dependencies on the report and have link Child milestones (0 day duration) from project plan to the report (destination file).

Why is it only showing (barely can see it) as a line and not a diamond?

Thank you so much!


  • Sean Morgan

    Hello @Kelly S ,

    I have given this a test, and reviewed the Help Center Article on Milestones, but from I can see, Milestones will only show on the Timeline display, and not on a Row.

    Based on your Screenshot, I feel you may be assuming the diamond should show on the row?

    Alternatively, if you are using a Project Sheet, please ensure the dependencies have been enabled in the Sheet, and the Report.

    If this is still occuring after attempting the above, you may wish to reach out to our Support Team here:, with a screenshot of your Project Settings (Sheet and Report, A screenshot showing your Gantt Timeline on the Report and Sheet)

    Kindest Regards


  • Melanie Bunten

    I am having the same issue and it is occurring in gantt view. Other forums state the project settings start and end date are reversed, but mine are correct. Wasn't this way when I first made the sheet and have no idea why it changed.

  • Melanie Bunten

    figured it out...the "enable dependencies" button somehow became unchecked