Can I import report data into a Smartsheet? Or another suggestion?


I know, it sounds odd. But I use Smartsheets to prepare quotes. Once a quote is approved and a project can move forward, I run a report to gather up all of the material and hardware needs. Works great, but I end up copy and pasting the data from the report into a Google Sheet so that I can break down materials being ordered from their vendor.

For example, my report runs and gathers all of the stuff that I need to order from Home Depot, and sorts it by the vendor. Then I copy and paste that block of data (the Home Depot portion) and drop it into a Google sheet that tallies up the total for the order.

Then I'll do the same, with say a local vendor. In that case, I can copy out of Google sheets and insert a nice segment of spreadsheet into the order email.

After i do this for all vendors, I have extra columns in Google sheets for putting in the date of when the order was placed. Is it on it's way? Is there a delay. When the materials arrive, what day did they arrive on. Etc. Stuff that I need to add to the data gathered from the Smartsheet report, but obviously, I can't add it to the smartsheet report.

It's kind of a pain to have to use the google sheet, because if there's a change in my quote, the report will update but obviously not the google sheet.

I'm open to suggestions on how to make my life easier with this. Suggestions? Or can I insert a report (linked for example) into a Smartsheet?