Selecting Hundreds of Contacts for Sharing


So if I want to grant View permissions to a sheet to a massive group of contacts--hundreds of them--I go to Share and then in the Invite Collaborators field I have to select each individual contact's name, one at a time? That can't be right. Surely there's a "Select All" checkbox I'm missing, or some sort of Share With All function....


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Brian Curtis

    Sharing is by individual invite, so you would need to manually select each individual person who you wanted to invite to that sheet. (More information on individual sharing is in the Help Center, see here.)

    As an alternative, if you know you will need to share many items to this group of people, you could create a Group Contact for them. This would allow you to share the item or workspace to a group in just one selection. (See here for more information on Groups.) Note: You must be designated as a Group Admin on a multi-user plan to create and manage groups.