is it possible to include a critical path in the report ?

is it possible to include a critical path in the report or in dashboard ?

Unless there's some other way to get it out of the sheet into another sheet ?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jacek Filip

    The critical path is specific to each individual sheet or project, so it's not visible in a Report (although you are able to make Reports show Gantt view).

    You could display one sheet's critical path by embedding a Published View of the sheet into a Dashboard with the Web Content Widget (see here), but again, this would only be for one specific sheet.

    If you're looking to have some key data across many sheets in one overview sheet, you could copy/paste the key rows into a summary Sheet by using Paste Special and Cell-Linking in the data so that it stays live and updates when the source sheet updates. (See here for more information on cell-linking.) Keep in mind though that if you copy over certain rows and then create new dependencies, it could update the dates in the sheet which would erase the cell-linking to the original project, since the original project/source sheet has different dependencies than this sheet.

    I hope this helps!



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