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Jira smartsheet workflow optimizations

Gijs Epping
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



I have some suggestions for adding to the workflows


  • - If a smartsheet column has the same name as a jira field directly select it in the dropdown;
  • - The posibility to add field templates to select in the workflow, this way you can add a predefined list from jira fields;


This would make adding workflows a bit easier.


Greetings Gijs





  • Scott Willeke



    Thank you for the feedback. Generally if the sheet has a column with the same name as the field and that column isn't already mapped, it should select it. If you don't see that please send a couple examples of the field name and column names that you're seeing an issue with and we'll look into it.


    I have logged your enhancement request for field templates. Can you tell me a bit more about your process for creating workflows? Specifically the following questions would be helpful to understand:

    * What event prompts the creation of a new workflow (e.g. a new project, a new client, etc.)?

    * How often does this happen and who (what role) creates the workflow?

    * What is the content of the sheet (e.g. a project schedule)?

    * Do you also want a new sheet created from a specified template or do you want to choose an existing sheet?


    If you'd rather discuss via phone or email please contact me directly.


    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet
    Senior Product Manager, Strategic Integrations
    E: Scott.Willeke@Smartsheet.com

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