I am looking for help in smartsheets. I use it for work as I heard it was just as good, if not better then excel.

However, so far I find Smartsheet really hard to use and understand. I have been making budgets, chats, etc for a couple years in excel and I am pretty good at it. However, when I use Smartsheet I feel like I am starting all over again.

I have been trying to do a formula that will track the number of vacation days used and left. But, I can not for the life of me get any formula I use to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.


  • Mark Cronk
    Mark Cronk ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Evan Fowler ,

    Hang in there! While smartsheets and excel are similar in the way you construct formulas, they are not the same. Keep learning and you'll be a smartsheet pro very soon.

    As for your formula, I'd need to see what you're doing to help. Can you attach a screen shot of your grid and the formulas that are giving you problems?


    I'm grateful for your "Vote Up" or "Insightful". Thank you for contributing to the Community.

  • Evan Fowler
    Evan Fowler ✭✭✭

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for getting back to me so fast. I have attached a screen shot. I gave my staff 15 days vacation a year. I want it so that 'Vacation Days Entitled' goes down when someone books X amount of days off. But I also want it so that under the 'Number of Vacation Days Lift' it calculates how many you have left.

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