Splitting Text to Columns


Our campaign names are made up of a string of text values combined into one name, as follows:

FY_sbu_pillar_marcom objective_campaign_sub campaign_consumer journey_brand_campaign tactic_weather triggered

I am looking to split each value in this name into it's own column, which I know is something I'm able to do in Google Sheets / Excel. Is this possible to do with a formula in Smartsheet? Or am I just going to have to split the text out in Excel and then paste into Smartsheet?


  • Dale Murphy
    Dale Murphy ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    @Jacob Peterson Is each value separated by an underscore? So you need to look for each underscore and split out a new value accordingly?

    Do you know how many columns/values you have in each string?

    You could use FIND to locate each underscore, and build on that to parse the string.

    If you put equal signs back into each formulae and lay out the sheet with matching names you will see how to extract to sections from the "Text_more text_even more" value.



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