Is It Possible To Clear Entire Sheet Without Clearing Formulas

Hi everyone,

I have a smart form that takes input from a user. This data then goes into the sheet - where there are complex formulas within to make certain calculations - later used to create certain metrics etc.

The nature of this sheet means that it will be continually added to, meaning at some point, it will be a good idea to clear data out of it.

The issue is that clearing all the cells for a fresh start seemingly means that all the formulas are also cleared.

What is my best option here? My only thought is to have one permanent "Control" row which acts as a placeholder so that the formulas can keep replicating.

Any thoughts and suggestions welcome, thank you for your time.


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  • AlexP
    AlexP ✭✭

    Thank you,

    I did not know I could change the entire column to be a formula column. This is helpful, as I can clear rows without risk of clearing the formula.

    Much appreciated.


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