Collect Value from 3rd Column


Hi Team,

I am working on a Scenario where I have to pull the value from the 3rd Columns, I have 2 Smartsheets A and B. In Smartsheet A I have Unique Value Column as Request # there is another field "Course Name" Which Consists of Multilple Values as shown in below screen shot "Cisco HyperFlex Management and Operations Workshop" and the other value is "Cisco UCS Management and Operations Workshop".

In the other Smartsheet B I have both the columns as in Sheet A but there is Column Course date in Smartsheet B, My requirement to fetch the Course date in Sheet A if Values of both the columns matches.

The Only problem I am facing is that there are multiple values in Course Name, I am using the below formula

=JOIN(COLLECT({Supplier Registrations Range 5}, {Supplier Registrations Range 2}, [Request #]@row, {Supplier Registrations Range 4}, OR(@Cell="Cisco HyperFlex Management and Operations Workshop",@Cell="Cisco UCS Management and Operations Workshop"))

but this is giving me error of Unparessable, Can anyone suggest here.


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