Moving Shared documents


Hi Smartsheet Community,

i recently moved sheets that were shared with me into one of my workspaces to organize my files and now all the previously shared sheets disappeared. how can i retrieve them?

one of my colleagues shared approx 10 sheets with me, with more to come. they ended up in the main smartsheet folder (SHEETS) in the SS browser.

in order to organize my files i created a workspace with her name and moved all her files (dashboards and sheets) and subfolders into my workspace.

when i go into my workspace now, it still shows the subfolders but no documents. all folders are blank.

how can i retrieve these shared documents? i would like to avoid for her to share a

before there was a separate dropdown menu under the workspaces called "more" which included an option to show all "shared to me" items. this dropdown menu and option doesnt exist any longer.

any help is appreciated.

would like to understand the rules in organizing and moving shared documents so that this doesnt happen again.

thank yo in advance



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Antje B.

    Is it possible that your colleague already had these sheets in their own, separate workspace that you weren't shared to?

    If they shared the sheets individually with you, but you aren't share to their workspace as a whole, the sheets will appear in your personal sheets folder. However in this case you will not be able to move them into a newly created workspace as they're already located in one, you just don't have the permission to see that workspace name.

    I would check your Sheets folder to see if they are still there. If they are, then you can have your colleague be the one to drag the items into your shared workspace. Otherwise, you may need to ask them to re-share the items to you if they had removed you for some reason.

    I hope this helps!