substracting empty cells gives #invalid operation


column 1 & 2: data, column 4: data

column 3: =IF(SUM(column1@row:column2@row) = 0, "", (SUM(column1@row:column2@row)))

so if column 1 plus column 2 equal 0 the cell stays blank. this part of the function works well

in column 5 i want to substract column 3 from column 4. if column 3 is blank (aka hidden 0) i get an error message #invalid operation

=IF(column4@row - column3@row = 0, "", column4@row - column3@row)

Can I not substract cells with hidden zeros? or is there a mistake in my formula? if column 3 is not blank the formula works fine.

any help is appreciated.

thank you


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