Iferror query

Hi, I was getting a divide by zero error on certain fields so introduced the following into a calculated cell...

=IFERROR(([Outstanding CCTV validation?]@row / [CCTV Validation Total]@row) * 100, "No data to allow calculation")

At first I thought it was ok but when I get 1/1 for each cell - Outstanding CCTV validation? and CCTV Validation Total respectively and then x 100 I get the same answer - "No data to allow calculation"

Obviously doing something really daft! Reading the smartsheet exemplar didn't help. Thanks in advance.

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  • vipa2000
    vipa2000 ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Spent 20 minutes going around in circles with this. Solution - hit save! I had been dragging field down and getting "No data to allow calculation in all fields". When save hit, refreshes correctly. Doh.


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