"if...then" for whole column or customized conditional formatting

Hi, I would like to use

a) some advanced "if...then" statement which would be working for the whole column or,

b) some special customized conditional formatting 

to achieve ProdSysDate to be populated automatically with TODAY() once Moved to Production becomes Approved.

I do not want to use example below by copying it into every single line as number of lines is growing:

=IF([Moved to Production]1 = "Approved", TODAY())

It has to work for every single row to be added later on in the future.

It has to be automatic, means setup once, and forget it.

Please advise what is the best approach.

Thank you


  • Hi Brano

    You are on the right track. Smartsheet recently came out with the Column Formula Feature.

    Your formula only needs a quick tweak to below which tells the sheet to reference the row/column link.

    =IF(NAME@row = "NICK", TODAY())

    It's the @row which needs to be replace the 1 on your formula.

    Then Right click on your column Header, and chose the option Convert to Column Formula

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