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Inconsistency with using Fix Version as JIRA Filter in Workflow


I'm not understanding the logic used by the JIRA Filters section of the Workflow builder.


I'm trying to filter by unreleased versions. In the best case scenario (which I don't think is available), I'd be able to specify Fix Versions equals earliestUnreleasedVersion() or, better yet, more operators could be added and I could use Fix Versions in unreleasedVersions().


Without those functions (and the in operator), I'm left trying to use the "is greater than" and "is less than operators," but the queries within the JIRA Filter section of the Workflow builder do not match the results of the same query run in JQL.


For example, this query in JIRA:


project = "Library Portal" AND fixVersion < "2.1 - LPP"


returns my unreleased versions 2.2 - LPP, 2.3 - LPP, etc. This seems counterintuitive to the ascending nature of the versions, but I'm guessing that the "is less than" operator is referencing some kind of combination of a version's position on the JIRA release page and its "fixforversion" id.


The same query in Smartsheet's JIRA filter:


Fix Versions is less than 2.1 (I am not using "2.1 - LPP" or 2.1 - LPP as those values return 0 results)


returns my previously released versions 1.0 - LPP and 2.0 - LPP.


If I change the JIRA filter to Fix Versions is greater than 2.1, I get my released version 2.1 - LPP and my unreleased version 2.5-LPP, but not unreleased version 2.2 - LPP, 2.3 - LPP, etc.


So, I'm totally confused by how these components of a JQL query map to Smartsheet Smile


Any help would be appreciated. As a workaround, I'm just foregoing the JIRA Filter step in the Workflow builder and deleting my released versions within Smartsheet.




  • Joel Brettingen
    edited 02/20/17

    I'm using JIRA Cloud.

  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee

    Hello Joel, 


    When running the query in Jira, Jira is aware that these are versions of software, and know how to read the different version numbers and parse out which ones are the newer/unreleased versions. When running the filter in Smartsheet, we are simply running a filter on the field itself, and it doesn’t have the knowledge that you are dealing with Software versions. That’s why you have to switch from Less than to Greater than, because Smartsheet is seeing this simply as a number. 


    However I believe that may be the source of the problem. Because the fields have both numbers and text in the field (the version number being a number, and LPP being text), the filter will look at this field entirely as text, which may be causing the filter to not pull correctly. In this instance however, I would still expect the middle 2.2 and 2.3 issues to be pulled. 


    To troubleshoot further can you please contact support@smartsheet.com. When emailing them, please provide a workflow execution file of the first instance of the workflow running, where the 2.2 and 2.3 issues weren’t pulled through. To download this file, you can click on the Last Run date of the workflow with the issue > and then click on the date for the first instance of the workflow running. Once selected, you can click the menu in the upper left > Download workflow execution support file, to get the logs of that instance. 


    Please email support@smartsheet.com with that file, and either myself or another member of my team will be sure to assist further. 



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