Can sheet summary field formulas add existing fields?


I have a series of formulas using the sheet summary function. Is it possible to have a formula that just adds two sheet summary fields? For example, if one of my fields is Sum of A, and another is Sum of B, can I create a new formula that just adds Sum of Column A and Sum of Column B? That would be a lot simpler than creating a new formula that accomplishes what the individual formulas each achieves.

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  • Amanda Merrigan
    Amanda Merrigan ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @jomansfi87106.

    You can reference sheet summary fields in your sheet cells by using the "#" symbol at the end (the same as you would @row or a row number)

    Something like =[Sum of A]# + [Sum of B]# should work assuming you already have the sheet summary fields created.


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