Pull info from 1 column cell into rows below for display in a dashboard/reports


I have a template that was built to be 1 project per sheet. It links to reports, a meta data sheet and a dashboard.

We have altered it for 1 team, so that they can display multiple projects on a sheet. It also links to reports, a meta data sheet and a dashboard.

In this new sheet, there are phases underneath each project. i.e. PROJECT NAME 1, 1: Intake & Prioritization.

I am looking for a way to display the project name in reports on the dashboard.

In the sheet, above, I added a column, TEST Project Name for Display. What function could I use to pull in that PROJECT NAME 1? I started with adding a function to pull the task name above it. However, with multiple tasks, that pulls the task name above, which with multiple task, that gets away from PROJECT NAME 1.

I'm now looking at JOIN(ANCESTORS()).

Any Comments? Suggestions?


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