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I am newish to SS and I'm trying to pull data between 2 sheets and I'm not sure if I need to use the Link cell function, IF Formula or if there is another formula I should use. But here is what I am trying to achieve.

I have 2 sheets, #1 and #2. On sheet #2 I want to pull a date from #1 but the date pulled would be based on 2 different cells (not next to each other), which every has a date entered. Sheet #1 will only have a date entered in one or the other cells, based upon how the project moves along. I want sheet #2 cell to remain blank, until said date is entered

Thanks for the help!


  • MCorbin
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    It can be done.

    I'd use an Index(Match( formula, but I'd need to see more information about your 2 sheets in order to help you build the formula.

    Can you show screen shots of the columns in each sheet - including what's in common between the sheets (how to match the right dates in sheet1 to the right dates in sheet 2?)

  • Sorry for the slow response, it's been a busy week.

    So I need the Parcel Closed cells on sheet #2 to pull a date from either Deed Closed or Deposit Made 30% whichever has a date entered. I'm not sure what you mean by show what is in common

    Parcel Close Sheet #2

    Deed Closed Sheet #1

    Deposit Made 30% Sheet 1

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