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I'm trying to get the first of the month that is four months after a specific date. 1/15/20 should return 5/1/20.

The date is in a column called Admit Date and I'm using the following formula:

=DATE(YEAR([Admit Date]@row), MONTH([Admit Date]@row + 120), 1)

However, when four months later is in 2021(Meaning, the admit date is in October or on..) the formula is not working!

Any suggestions?

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  • Lauren Kleitz
    Lauren Kleitz ✭✭✭✭
    edited 12/11/20 Answer ✓

    Hey Rivky!

    Have you tried using the function: =[Admit Date]@row + 120?

    This should add 120 days to the target date and does not throw any sort of error when the admission is after October.

    All the Best,


  • Lauren Kleitz
    Lauren Kleitz ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    I see I misread your post! You want the first of the month that is 4 months after the date in Admit Date! For that I think you would need something a bit more complex. This should work!

    =DATE(YEAR([Admit Date]@row + 120), MONTH([Admit Date]@row + 120), 1)

    Your formula was very close, but was not incrementing the year when it needed to!


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