Using Data Uploader to load a percentage column

When I use data uploader to load a .xls file to a smartsheet, it is not keeping the values that are %s on the excel spreadsheet and it is instead converting them to a decimal. For example, 43.77% on the xls becomes .4377 on the smartsheet. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    Percentages are actually 0.4377. Have you tried formatting the column to % in Smartsheet? That should correct the view. I don't think Data Uploader would write over that setting if it ran on a schedule.

  • I did manually update the column to a %, but I was afraid the next time it ran, it would lose the formatting. I did not want to manually update it every time. I will wait and see how it goes next time I do the upload. Thanks