Can I create a universal drop down list to be used in different sheets?

I am creating numerous sheets for different reportfunctions in our store network. Each sheet will have the same set of stores in the Location column. Can I create one list and use it for every sheet?


  • Purnima Gore
    Purnima Gore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Diane Nelligan

    Unfortunately no, (certainly not yet), I have requested this on a feature request though. It would be brilliant if you could reference a single sheet each time for a specific dropdown list.

    The option is to use the data uploader so that when you add a location, you can set up an schedule to update look for changes in the sheet with the column of information called Locations and then it updates the location in every sheet that you tell it to.

    You only need to set it up once and then make sure you add the new sheet to it for uploading. When you update the main sheet with location and you trigger the update (or schedule it), it finds the sheet, the field with the drop down information and then updates the list.

    It doesn't work for contact list items unfortunately but it does for everything else.

    Hope that helps

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  • Good day. Is the universal dropdown function available yet?