New Report Builder Erroneously Deleted Filters

It appears that the roll-out of the new Report Builder has resulted in errors due to the failure to retain the filters previously defined in the old Report Builder. The reports no longer are correctly showing all the data because of the missing filters. When is this going to be fixed?


  • I believe I have identified what change in Smartsheet’s Report Builder is causing all the errors. Previously if a filter was set to look in a column for cells containing a number, then it would have a match if a cell had that number in a row and include that row in the generated report. But now if you have a number, Smartsheet seems to trying to match it to that column number, instead of a number. 


    In some reports, any filters that looked for “contains” and a number, were deleted. Maybe this is the result from Smartsheet trying to “fix” the filters in the new Report Builder by just deleting all the filters that are set to look for cells containing numbers? 


    Note: A fix for users may be to change all the filters from “Contains” to “is equal to”. Although this can be a lot of work, trying to rebuild the filters.

  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray ✭✭
    edited 12/17/20

    Hi Douglas,

    Confirming we have the same MAJOR problem in that many of our 150 odd reports have completely "lost" their filters.

    We are working through major exercise to view and fix... not what we need this time of year as we're about to go on summer holidays here in New Zealand... timing for this software release very bad for us.

    Like you, we are trying to figure out patterns as to which reports are not working... and why?

    A lot of our reports are to subcontractors where we filter work not yet 100% complete... this being a number field you highlighted.. anyway I don't have any more answers.. we are just getting into it now.

    We are also having a problem with selection of worksheet names.

    I have posed on the other feed about the report builder

    Kind Regards