Column Formula to Average several other adjacent columns

I am trying to set up a survey sheet that gathers data through a form to have a constant formula in a column "Average Score". I can't find any specifics about how to build the formula only that referencing specific cells is not allowed. Here is my current formula

=AVG([Overall Support]3:Improvements3)

I know it needs to be revised to @row somehow, but not sure the syntax


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    You can reference specific cells, just use a comma to separate the references.

    You don't need to reference @row, but it is lighter and faster for the program to understand. using the row number is perfectly fine for this type of application.

    You say you want this to populate automatically by form. Smartsheet needs to see the formula in the 2 rows prior to the new row created in order to auto populate. Make sure that the column is deleted from the form, and is in the 2 cells prior to the new row about to be created, and upon submission it should auto populate.

    Alternatively you can put the formula in the first row of the column, right click it, and convert it to a column formula, which will apply it to all activated rows in the sheet.

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