Automation - Alert Someone and then reply to the same email chain when row is updated

Hello experts,

I am trying to set up an automation workflow with Alert Someone.

  1. When new Row is added - Alert Someone (Row is added with information sent via Form) - works fine
  2. I update the Row(is a task) with further information - automation rule to Alert Someone when changes are made is applied. - works fine too

Each time I update the row, it sends a new mail. (I guess, this workflow is designed to do so)

What I am trying to achieve is whenever row is updated, it should reply to same email chain which was sent at process 1. (When new Row is added - Alert someone) *because this row is one same task

Otherwise, there will be so many new emails as it generates and sends new email each time changes are made.

Is there anyway, to achieve this? Please help!!

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