Can you create a drop down list from values in a column?

Im trying to create a drop down list in a form and have choices from a column. The idea is for overtime. The supervisor enters a time frame on the sheet, people are alerted this has been posted and they go in and fill out a form choosing that overtime option from a drop down list. Can this be done?

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    Not automatically when a record is saved....

    If you have Data Uploader, one of the options in DU is to update Dropdowns. You could do something fancy where you export data (via scheduled report) from your sheet to Google Drive, have Data Uploader scheduled to pick up that report and update Dropdowns from it, but...

    Everything would have to be scheduled - so it wouldn't update automatically. (Plus, you'd have to have Data Uploader, which is an add-on)

    But, if you don't have to send the alert out immediately, you could do it:

    Create a report that pulls values from that column. Run the report on a schedule (this part is manual) and save as CSV or XLSX in Google Drive, One Drive or Box. Set up Data Uploader to look in this location and automatically run when it finds a new file.

    Then set your alerts to trigger late at night or early in the AM after the report and data uploader have run...

    (but really, if you're going to do all that, it might be easier to just manually update the drop-down)


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