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Fields in Calendar view or dates in card view

I need to be able to print a weekly calendar of the tasks I am assigned to (task name is primary field) and the number of hours each task will take.  I have tried doing that in the calendar view but will only show one column field.  I also tried doing it in the card view but that won't let me use the date as a Lane.  This is really frustrating because my alternative is to duplicate everything in Smartsheet in Outlook (my corporation has disabled the ability to sync our Outlook calendars with other software).  Does anyone know if there is a workaround (other than adding the hours to my task name?)  Thanks!


  • Marcus Odum
    Marcus Odum ✭✭✭✭



    Have you tried creating a report with the required filters, and then printing that report? 



  • Yes, I have.  The problem is that I need my work for each day of the week displayed in a column format (under the appropriate day of the week) with one cell for each task that includes the task name and amount of time allocated for the task - just like calendar view in Smartsheet if the calendar view showed more than the task name.  When I export the report, I get rows for each task with the task and time allocation in separate cells.  By the time I do all the reformatting, I might as well have handwritten everything on a weekly calendar - which is what I am trying to stop doing. 

    What I need is a cross between the calendar view and the card view. Frown

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