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Can you make columns visible to certain viewers only

I have a smartsheet sharing with my customers and I would likeuse the modified by column for my reference but I do not want my customers to see that.  They are shared as viewers only.





  • You could create a custom report for them.  We give data from a master sheet to several teams and only give them the columns that apply to each team on their relevant report. 

  • This seems like a really easy answer - yes or no. But it's not quite so easy unless this is a matter of just wanting them to view the sheet. If that's the case - you can hide columns and you're done (except you have to remember they are there).

    However, if you plan to use "Send Update Request" - they'll see all fields (columns) in the request including hidden.

    If you follow Steve's suggestion and make a report that does not include the column - that will work. Again if you ever will have them update through a request - they will see all the columns of the sheet vs. being limited to those in the report.


    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the moment they are all viewers only, so if I can create a scheduled report that would be great.  I will play around, I have had this a while and now finding some great uses for it for my programs.  Thanks again

  • Since they are viewers only - consider "publishing" where there is a read-only - HTML or read-only FULL (reports) option. In either case, staff don't have to login to SmartSheet and the published sheet or report is always insync.

  • Awesome thanks. And I assume this saves on licenses as well...

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