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Very annoying jira sync problem

Gijs Epping
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts

Hi There,


UPDATE: i tryed a other project and that did seem to work, so stories remained in the same position, disconnected from parent story or epic as intended. I think, my updates just never got synced. Am i correct when i say that when a story is allready present on the sheet,  the position is not being updated, what i mean is that the story is not returned to it's parent story or epic. Is that correct?



---- old message -- 

This weekend there was some kind of problem with jira, now all my workflows are disabled. That can happen, no problem. But now i need to reset all workflows and the sync is overwriting all my changes (subtasks are returned to there parent story and storys are returned back too there parent Epic) and it completely messed up my carfully crafted project plan. 


When syncing you have to consider that parent connections not alway need to be restored when syncing. This should be a option when syncing. So if a a storie/epic/subtask key is allready on the sheet, dont't do anything with it. If it's not on the sheet, just add it below the last row. Just don't resync the whole sheet, it messes up all the work. 


For now i create a back-up and hope when copy pasting this to the sheet everything will be back to normal. But no timesavers at all here.


Hope this can be fixed soon.


(the good thing is workflows are disabled, thanks for that)


Greetings Gijs


  • Gijs,



    I'm sorry that you've had a poor experience in this case. The Smartsheet for JIRA integration always attempts to to keep the every issue properly indented under it's Parent if that issue is a child of an Epic or a Subtask. In our user research when we were designing this feature the overwhelming majority of customers we talked to wanted that relationship always be on and in sync. I can see in your case, that isn't what you want. So I've added an enhancement request that would enable you to turn that feature off. We'll prioritize that alongside the other enhancements that team is working on and considering. For the time being though, you should assume that anytime a story/task gets updated in JIRA and that story is the child of an Epic or is a Subtask, expect it to be moved such that it is indented under it's parent defined in JIRA.



    Another thing you might like to hear is that we are planning to roll out a feature that will tolerate downtime of your JIRA server without disabling workflows. It will wait up to 90 minutes for the JIRA server to come back on line and retry any changes made in Smartsheet while the JIRA server was down. If the server is down for more than 90 minutes, the workflows will be disabled.



    Sorry for the trouble on the first point, but hopefully the second one is good news!




    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet

    Senior Product Manager, Strategic Integrations

    E: [email protected]


  • Hello Scott,


    Thanks for your feedback and insight in the jira roadmap. Good to hear about the timeout of 90 minutes and the option to disable parent linking in the workflow. 


    If i may add another suggestion for that roadmap, Add the posisbility  (with checkboxes) to reset all worflows at once (batch process). This is the third or fourth day in a row all worflows are turned off again, so that would help allot! 


    Greetings Gijs

  • One other thing, is it possible to give an ETA on the option to disable parent linking? planning is not possible at the moment for some projects. 


    Greetings Gijs

  • Hi Gijs,


    Got your suggestions recorded. While we have committed to the disable parent linking feature, unfortunatelly I cannot commit to an ETA at this time. I'm hoping in the next couple months, but I am only able to guess and it is possible it will get pushed as we continually evaluate priorities.


    In the meantime, I suggest that you contact your Cusotmer Success representative to brainstorm with them how we can optimize the product for your busuiness proccess. Not sure if you might be able to filter out the parent epic rows (which woud stop the re-grouping), but your Cusotmer Success representative could dive deeper with you on this and other options.






    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet

    Senior Product Manager, Strategic Integrations

    E:[email protected]



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  • I'm having the same problem as Gijs. The connector overwrites my grouped issues in my sheets on every sync. This renders Smartsheet utterly useless for me. Note that a project plan does not necessarily have the same groupings as issues in Jira.

    So, I'm looking forward to the new feature to disable in the sync whatever affects my groupings. Since it's been a few months since the last post, do you have an ETA now?

  • I too am experiencing this issue of the connector overwriting my grouped issues in my sheet with every sync. 

    This should be out of the box behavior. Please advise. All the tickets I have seen with this issue appear to be rather old and stale.

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