Using Index/Match for multiple criteria, if NO MATCH, how to return the remaining value instead?


Hi All,

I have a pretty robust INDEX/MATCH formula set up. It pretty much sums up values from 4 different smartsheets into a master one.

=INDEX({GB_WN1}, MATCH($Projects@row, {GB_PROJ}, 0)) + INDEX({AN_WN1}, MATCH($Projects@row, {AN_PROJ}, 0)) + INDEX({GS_WN1}, MATCH($Projects@row, {GS_PROJ}, 0)) + INDEX({AD_WN1}, MATCH($Projects@row, {AD_PROJ}, 0)) + INDEX({MM_WN1}, MATCH($Projects@row, {MM_PROJ}, 0))

ISSUE: If anyone deletes the reference value from their sheet, then the master sheet returns "NO MATCH" for the entire row.

Instead of NO MATCH, I wanted the cell to return whatever the remaining calculation is. I tried using IFERROR, but I don't want to define a value, simply want the sum to flow through. For example, if GS deletes 6 match values from their sheet then instead of 6 rows in the master sheet returning "NO MATCH," instead the rows would return the sum from GB, AN, AD, and MM.

Anyone have any ideas?

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