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My workgroup has upgraded to Business Plan from Team Plan. Is there documentation of improved or additional Smartsheet features that are available with the Business Plan upgrade? Are there any training videos on improved or additional functionality? Thank you!

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    Hi @Chris Alexander

    Here's a great comparison of the features.


    • Includes Individual Plan features plus:
    • Automation and Reporting
    • Gain visibility with dashboards and portals
    • View real-time data with live charts
    • Customize colors and logos on sheets, forms, and workspaces
    • Report and filter data across multiple sheets
    • View, share, and receive attachments
    • User and System Administration
    • Track changes with Activity Log
    • Manage users
    • Manage groups
    • Manage project resources
    • Add-ons and Integrations
    • Connect live Smartsheet data to analytics tools like Tableau, Excel, Qlik, and Spotfire using an industry-standard ODBC connector.
    • Collaborate in tools like Slack, Skype, Teams, and Workplace by Facebook.

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