Exported File Hangs Excel

I am working on a complex set of sheets and I need to compare the data in two different versions. I have exported each of the two sheets multiple times and, as of this morning, any Excel version of an export hangs Excel when I try to open it.

I realize this may be an Excel-only issue, but Excel is otherwise working without a problem for me.

Where do I start my troubleshooting?

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    Hi @Steve Kopischke

    I'd recommend starting with testing it in Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or similar and see if the problem is present there as well.

    How did it go?

    I hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic day & Happy New Year!


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  • I am able to successfully open the downloaded sheet in Google Sheets. When I attempt to open that resulting file in Excel (via File->Download->Excel in Google Sheets), Excel hangs.

  • Update: I noticed the last attempt to open the file hung Excel, and I got distracted by an incoming message. I forgot I had been trying to open the file from Google Sheets.

    The file eventually opened. Then I attempted to open the second file (still in my Downloads folder).

    That file opened immediately.

    Consequently, the problem is not that Excel permanently hangs (though it can appear to), it's just that it takes quite a long time for the file to open. Were the file large, that would not be a surprise. However, it's only 35K.