Copying multiple rows between sheets - Including formulas, formatting



I'm having a hard time figuring this out.

I have two sheets. On the target sheet I have a set of formulas and hyperlinks.

On the other sheet I need to have basically everything (Except a few rows) under the existing parts of target sheet.

I have tried everything.

Ctrl + C/V -> Got me the text over, but all in white, an no formulas.

Copy/Move this to another sheet - Got the formatting and parent settings, but still no formulas.

There MUST be a way to export the whole thing, without having to either make all the formatting AND formulas over again?

I read that if I want to copy a formula I need to double-click the cell and select and copy/paste. That doesn't work. I have many cells with formulas.

I would copy it the other way, but that doesn't do any difference. Formulas have to be copied either way.

Can anyone please help?


Rune Østerhus


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