Conditional formatting when a change is made

Using our inventory file, we're required to export daily and save on our work server. Our accounting department is requiring that we keep a months worth of adjustments to each individual item with simple + and - formulas (i.e. 10-1-2+2-1). I know that the formulas do not export into excel from smartsheet, but I'm trying to figure an "easy" way to show a change an adjustment has been made to a specific product without adding work to our inventory coordinator. Perhaps a conditional formatting that would highlight some part of the row once a change was made (whatever the change maybe). Then they can adjust the excel file manually.


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    Hi @Nicole Rivera ,

    You can turn on Highlight Changes so each user sees what has changed since they last viewed the sheet or in a given time period. However, I think the solution to your problem lies outside conditional formatting and highlight changes. Look for a way to track the changes in smartsheet so they can be exported to excel, if that's the final system of record. Reduce any manual work. Happy to help there if you give us some additional information about how you're using smartsheets and what the output needs to be.

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  • Thanks, Mark. I've turned on the highlight changes in the meantime.

    We're using smartsheet to keep track of our inventory and any allocations in an effort to have an up-to-date file and avoid double or triple allocation. When a product is added or removed from inventory we use a formula rather than a straight value (a simple + or - formula). This helps us keep track of what was added/removed during the month and also used by our accounting department on the finance end. The "problem" is that smartsheet doesn't work for our accounting department as they requires the + and - formulas on an excel file.

    Since the formulas do not export, even a visual queue would work so we can manually update our excel file. However, is there a way to filter colors? Or I suppose another way would be to have a check mark everyday there is a change and filter that. However, is there a way to "uncheck" anything checked from the previous day?

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