Modified (date) and filters


My team is maintaining a sheet consisting of row entries for tracking activities. Multiple collaborators are providing updates. I have a column with their name so they can easily filter which rows belong to them from a pull down. I also have a column with a Modified(date) field. I do some calculations to show when a row has aged a certain number of days from the last update. So if nothing has changed with the row for 10 days, it highlights yellow indicating a need for attention.

In Principal, this works. However I noticed that whenever someone comes in an filters the sheet, it automatically changes whatever status bit triggers the Modified(date) field and the column updates to the current date even if no changes were made to any rows. Is this how modified(date) is supposed to react? I would assume there would be some checksum based on content of the row, seems like row position is one of the fields that's being evaluated. Any workaround to maintain the date the content was modified versus the date when the sheet was last filtered?

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