Cross-Sheet Formulas in Sheet Summary



I am trying to do a cross sheet formula in one of my sheet summaries. I have done it when it only affects one column, but in the formula I am trying to do I need to include two formulas. Is it possible to select two columns from my sheet when cross referencing in sheet summary? I have copied my formula thus far. I am stuck on how to get the cross sheet information in there.

=COUNTIFS([Validation Type]:[Validation Type], OR(@cell = "Blue Badge"), Date:Date, AND(@cell >= DATE(2021, 1, 1), @cell <= DATE(2021, 3, 31))) +COUNTIFS(

The second part of the formula should almost mirror the first part, but it will be pulled from a different sheet. I will need the Date column and the Validation Type column from my other sheet. Is this possible to do?

I would appreciate any insight! Thank you!


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