New Report features on a Dashboard

Hello everyone, happy Friday,

So a colleague of mine reached out for some support on creating dashboards. Our organization recently switched from the Google sheets platform to Smartsheets, so there is a solid skill gap amongst us all.

So my issue is as I am being tagged into this project, I don't have a history with how they set up the data, but they want to create a pie chart on a dashboard. Using the new functionality they implemented into reports, I was able get the groupings listed in the way we would need for a pie chart, but it returns saying that, "the source data has been changed".

Likewise when I tried to use the report widget, it gave me the raw data of the report, and not the groupings. (Which is understandable since it is fairly new, but I wanted to check before I assumed that).

Below is what is returned in both cases.

This is the desired result if I cannot display a graph.

If anyone has any experience with this, let me know what worked for you.


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