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Jira performance issues when connecting 50 + projects (and temp solution)

Gijs Epping
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



We did experienced some serious performance issues in Jira after connecting 50+ project to Smartsheet. I did find the problem and can be fixed by hand. 


I allready raised this issue with smartsheet hope they can add a fix soon.


Problem explained:

When adding a workflow with the smartsheet workflow manager, the tool add's a webhook in jira. This webhook triggers smartsheet to fetch jira data on the updated story/issue. The problem is that every webhook created has no project filter. So when a issues gets updated in jira all webhooks are triggered and and smartsheet starts to query all projects for changes. You can imagine when 20+ developers are working in jira, jira will finally buggle under the requests. 


The manual fix:

In jira go to system -> settings -> Webhooks and add a project filter to all webshooks created by smartsheet. 


Greetings Gijs


  • dAVE Inden
    dAVE Inden Employee

    Hi Gijs,


    I reached out to our development team on the JIRA Connector on this and they let me know they are aware of this and are working to resolve it in a future release of the Smartsheet for JIRA Connector.

  • Lucas Duncan

    We just rolled out a fix for this. All previously created webhooks should automatically get updated after they fire at least once. 


    Thanks Gijs for bringing this issue to our attention. This should dramatically improve performance for almost everyone. 




    Lucas Duncan

  • Scott Willeke

    This improvement was deployed to production today. Thank you for your feedback Gijs!



    Scott Willeke | Smartsheet

    Senior Product Manager, Strategic Integrations




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  • sarahjohn

    Wow this really great way to fix by over ourself i.e.(jira go to system -> settings -> Webhooks and add a project filter to all webshooks created by smartsheet) this helps who are working in JIRA Project. On thanks for sharing the information.



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