Does time of day factor in for "Auto-Number/System - Modified" Column filters?


Hello Smart Friends!

Im using the Auto System modified column but Im getting all kinds of wonky results when I filter. Ive tried using greater than, greater than equal too, is between, is in the past (days) etc and I keep getting all kinds of off results. I have 89 rows, 41 modified on 1/13, 6 on 1/14, and 19 on 1/15.

Trying modified is greater than - When I select 1/13 or 1/14 all 89 columns are shown. When I select 1/15, 4 of the 6 rows modified on 1/14 still show in results and all 1/15 rows.

Trying the past (5) days today, Jan 19th, I see all results from the 13th -18th but nothing today. If I try 4 days I see 4 out of 6 of the rows for 1/14. These 4 have timestamps after 6PM.

Other than manually selecting all of the different time stamps Im not finding a way to get true results. Im trying to view changes in the past week for a recurring weekly call. Any suggestions?

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