Multiple values from one column, into dropdown options of another column?

I am trying to grab unique job numbers from a column in one sheet (Sheet A), to populate as options for a single select dropdown in another sheet (Sheet B), to essentially be able to have a spreadsheet to create, track and log daily activities of larger projects.

Sheet A (Master list of projects):

Column values to collect: Project Number

Condition: Where status is NOT "Completed"

Sheet B (daily worklog):

Project Number (dropdown list of projects from Sheet A, where the status is NOT "Completed")

Ultimately, I'd like to have this in a form where managers can select a project from the master list, and create smaller daily tasks. Am I over complicating this/going about this the wrong way? I've gotten quite turned around trying to use the INDEX function.

Thank you in advance for any help. From what I've seen, the community here seems quite helpful and professional! 😁


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