Mismatch between custom duration formula and project settings duration column


Why do I often get a 1 in a custom duration calculation of same-day work vs. project settings calculation, which shows 0?

During some import troubleshooting, I created a "baseline duration" and "revised duration" column to compare my own formula for calculating duration to the durations provided by project settings.

My formula for calculating "Baseline Duration" is here:

=NETWORKDAY([Baseline Start Date]@row, [Baseline End Date]@row)

"Revised Duration" Project settings look at Revised Start Date and Revised End Date.

So, for the most part, these numbers will match. Here are some circumstances where they do not.

Baseline Start Date 10/27/20

Revised Start Date 10/27/20

Baseline End Date 10/27/20

Revised End Date 10/27/20

Baseline Duration 1

Revised Duration 0

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