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Reports - Using formulas against reported data to pull into SIGHTS?

Jason Hawker
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2017 Posts



Was unable to find this topic and for some reason thought report 'formulas' was on the 2017 roadmap for March but on couldn't find the community or annoucement so here I am.


I have a report pulling from several project plans. Within the report I'd like to summarize the reported data using formulas. example: Reporting on live projects, count the # of projects in the report (Sights widget pull this total) or simply of the live projects how many are; Red, Yellow or Green. 


At this time I have to create another manual sheet, have the PM keep it up to date weekly on their assigned projects and then from there pull the formula totals across to the Sights widget. 


Hoping to remove most if not all the manual input other than the PM managing the project sheets and pulling all data across to reports / sights.......


So the ques: When will adding a top row with formulas within REPORTS be available? 





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