Need to create a column that translates "End Date" Month to Quarter

Trying to create a column that tells me which quarter an item will be ready in the future. I can get the Month of the Date cell easy enough but can't figure out how to do a value range that works.

This works =IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 3, "Qtr 1", "Nope") and if the End Date is 1-3 it will say "Qtr 1"

Is there any way to do =IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) = 1-3, "Qtr 1", "Nope")?

Any help is appreciated.


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  • Derek Lohman
    Answer ✓

    Nevermind. Looks like i can just get around this with a nested IF statement.

    =IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 3, "Qtr 1", IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 6, "Qtr 2", IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 9, "Qtr 3", IF(MONTH([End Date]@row) <= 12, "Qtr 4"))))


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