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Lea Gikas
Lea Gikas Employee
edited 09/13/23 in Show & Tell

In the spirit of sharing, we'd like to surface a few resources that might help you, regardless of where you are at on your journey with Smartsheet!

Getting Started

  • This past year at our 4th annual customer conference we dedicated a set of 6 sessions just for the public sector. No matter how complex your organization, Smartsheet will help keep your organization aligned, agile, and focused on achieving your mission in a secure and reliable fashion.

Feeling Good

  • Once you’ve gotten started with Smartsheet, the Solution Center will be a great next step to make your visions come to life as it provides more ways to move faster, drive innovation, and achieve more — including templates, Smartsheet Accelerators, integrations, and Smartsheet Connectors.

I’m a pro!

  • At ENGAGE 2019, we introduced our inaugural Hack for Good - a program that united Smartsheet customers to solve business challenges that Nonprofits often face. We hope to expand this program into this community group and are looking for both nonprofits needing support and solution experts.